Opening Reception: The Blue Marble: Art for the Environment
Friday September 6, 2019
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Come meet the artists at the Opening Reception!

The natural environment is under pressure across the globe, and the changes in weather patterns are becoming more acutely evident, with each successive year of record–breaking temperatures. Yet against this troubling background, our show seeks to find those rays of light through the power of art, telling stories of progress and hope, and celebrating the unique beauty of the planet we all call home.

Famously, astronauts from the Apollo missions captured iconic color images of the earth in the 60s and early 70s. Their Hasselblad cameras recorded for the first time the astounding beauty of the earth in exquisite detail from a new perspective, space. These images showing us the earth in its entirety for the first time, had such a profound impact on the human psyche, that they are credited with giving birth to many environmental organizations and a broader appreciation for the importance of our role as custodians of this unique and quite delicate planet.

Honoring this point in time, our show references the name given to these famous NASA images, with the title The Blue Marble – Art for the Environment.

As awareness of the fragility of our planet has grown over the intervening decades and many grass roots organizations have sprung up, adhering to the mantra of thinking globally but acting locally. Our exhibit will honor that tradition, by highlighting important art created by local Bay Area artists focusing their creativity on environmental issues. The show will serve to encourage our community to take a more active participation towards solving local issues.

We will curate arresting and beautiful images from six artists, allowing each to exhibit several pieces, and therefore creating their own show, within a show.

We will select work with the help of respected local curators and partner with prominent environmental organizations, to develop a unique art experience in Palo Alto.

Artists include Barbara Boissevain, Sukey Bryan, QT Luong, and Joe Decker.

Photo: Barbara Boissevain

Pacific Art League
668 Ramona St, Palo Alto [map]