Artist Reception: Nature Landscapes
Friday September 13, 2019
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Meet the artists at this public reception!

The exhibition features two professional landscape photographers who approach the artistic process of capturing life through camera lens with unique angle, perspective and light.

Visual Song, Vincent James
Vincent James is a lifelong musician and photographer who formally began focusing his creative eye on making photographic art with rural and urban nature in 2014. Based in Oakland, California, Vincent has extensive knowledge of not only the many locations for iconic landscape images throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, but also of weather patterns and the seasonal light at those sites. He has a technical comfort level that enables him to maximize his tools — his cameras and post–production software — in the service of his art. Vincent combines all of this with his artistic vision for capturing unique moments to create ethereal, moody, and often breathtaking images. As a musician and songwriter for most of his life, he views the process of making art through the same mindset and “lens” he has when writing music. With photography, each image is essentially a song that he is composing. Each with a feeling or intention to convey something. Visual Song is a small collection of hits captured from some of his favorite locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond.

Remember the Wilderness, Andri Yasinsky
Andri Yasinsky stands by the quote by Terry Tempest Williams: “If you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go… This is the story of our past and it will be the story of our future.”

Andri believes that in his work, he is driven not just by the urge to create beautiful imagery, but also by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, decode what nature designed, conceptualize it in a two–dimensional space as a photograph and uncover the story behind it. Another important aspect of his photography — it is the realistic representation of a subject. He does not simply make photos in a way to make them appear real; he displays the real in a way that reveals itself in the photo.

Top image: See the Light, ©Vincent James
Bottom image: Milky Dunes, ©Andri Yasinsky

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