Myths & Monsters: First Exposures Summer Program
Sunday September 8, 2019
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
First Exposures is a unique one–to–one mentoring program in San Francisco dedicated to youth empowerment through photography since 1993. The 8–week summer program welcomed 20 new mentees and put a camera in their hands for the first time. They are joining our 12 returning mentees, 3 returning mentors, 10 new mentors, plus our steady crew of part–time mentors and volunteers. Together, they captured eerie and fascinating Myths and Monsters with their lenses — from ghostly reflections to scientific mysteries to cultural legends. This work reflects their exploits this summer as they searched the seen and unseen parts of our city.

In addition to this special showing, the exhibit can viewed by appointment.

Photo: Monster movie poster, ©Kianna Ng

Avenue & Curated State
3361 Mission St, San Francisco [map]