The American Imagination: Kris Davidson
Monday September 30, 2019
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
The American Imagination: A Survey of Myths, Tall Tales and Legends in the United States is a photography project that visualizes a wide variety of American stories. Manufactured images depicting regional myths, legends or tall tales will exist alongside thematically related documentary–style portraits, scenes and landscapes, allowing for a tentative bridge between fantastical imaginings and reality. The goal of this unlikely pairing is to reveal a more nuanced picture of the American psyche — after all, stories — in particular, myths, tall tales and legends incorporating elements of the fantastical and surreal — all contain fragments of truth, holding history, fears, hopes and aspirations of a people. Stories inform, teach, warn, elevate and heal. The fantastical allows for heady hyperbole in celebrating triumphs and provides a buffering analgesic effect in making sense of dark tragedies.

Photo: ©Kris Davidson

1661 Tennessee St. #2W, San Francisco [map]