Of Dreams and Reality
September, 2019
Celebrating the inaugural year of the Bay Area Month of Photography, guest curator Ann Jastrab worked with the Bay Area Photographers Collective to create an exhibition including some of the twenty-two BAPC members. BAPC is a nonprofit that sustains a community of photographic artists through support, encouragement, constructive critique, and exhibition opportunities.

“I often take my son to a nearby forest to climb on fallen tree trunks and build forts with branches and sticks. Or, we head to the Pacific to dig holes so deep the water seeps in through the bottom. We stay well past sunset, when there is a sense of utter peace and calm. Is this reality or a dream? The conflation of reality and dreams is as apparent in much of what we think of as ‘fine art’ photography as in life itself.

“In this exhibit of the work of the Bay Area Photography Collective (BAPC), I explicitly juxtapose the two views. I am initially moved by the dream–like images that bring me back to the Pictorialists and some of my favorite early photographs where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred. Whether created by camera choice (pinhole, plastic, Polaroid, etc.) or by the time of day and the type of light, the ‘dreamscapes’ of artists like Adrienne Defendi and Rose Borden are soft and surreal. Double exposures, glowing light, focus questionable, images that remind me of the ideas that f64 tossed out the window. Other images, including those of Dan Fenstermacher and Ralf Hildebrand are more clearly documentary; street shots, captured by participant observers, traveling and capturing the world that unfolds before them. These photographers provide the strong sense of ‘reality’ in the exhibition. Whether dream–like or realistic, the images in Of Dreams and Reality offer keen observation with heart, a memorable journey that I hope you too will enjoy.”

— Ann Jastrab

Berkeley Art Center
1275 Walnut St, Berkeley [map]