Carol Law: Fortuny Walls and other works
September, 2019
Fortuny Walls (six large prints) forms the heart of this exhibit. The iconography evolved from the artist’s interest in layering imagery to suggest the depth of visceral emotions and the emergence and consolidation of personal experiences. The work is akin to automatic writing and influenced by the processes of collage, printmaking and photography.

This solo exhibition also includes works from several other series. The genesis of her approach here involves original photography, often taken during travel, and includes photos from Italy, Iceland and the North Coast of California. Selected works from The Trawler Epine, Sea Ranch, and Folded Heads are included. Law is from the Bay Area, was born in Texas and studied Studio art at the University of Texas and San Francisco State University. She has taught art at numerous schools including The Art Institute of Chicago, University of California Santa Barbara, and San Francisco State. She was selected to be an Ella Walker Fellow in 2000 at the Rockefeller Bellagio Center in Italy. Her work was recently exhibited in Critical Pop at the Salvador Allende Museum in Santiago, Chile.

The show runs from September 4 through October 5, 2018.

The LightRoom
2263 Fifth St, Berkeley [map]