Opening reception: Luster: Micro-Scapes of a Sculpture
September, 2019
While documenting the making of a sculpture that, when complete, would climb over thirty feet vertically, Andréa D. Guerra found a captivating world made up of its many parts. In photographing the nascence and emergence of this kinetic leviathan, she found herself enthralled with the pieces that would make the whole, fascinated by the way light danced across the surfaces of metal. The photographs in Luster: Micro-Scapes of a Sculpture draw the viewer into images that become abstractions, markings of light off surfaces, absorbing us in the color, line and shape of metal. The comparatively minute components become not only magnified in size, but take on a significance of their own. They become the momentary focal point, their beauty revealed before being subsumed into the sculpture as a whole.

The exhibit runs at Avenue, 3361 Mission St. San Francisco, August 30th-October 17th.

The hours are variable each week, but the exhibit can be easily viewed by appointment. Contact Courtney at 415-254-4754 or

Curated State
3361 Mission St, San Francisco [map]