3rd Annual Alternative Process Photography Exhibition
September, 2019
A juried exhibition featuring 37 artists working with a wide variety of historical and analog photographic printing processes. Juried by Daniel W. Coburn, Ed Carey, Glen R. Serbin, and The Image Flow.

Ambrotype, chemigram, cyanotype, daguerreotype, emulsion lift, gum bichromate, mordançage, photogravure, platinum/palladium, salt, tintype, and Van Dyke brown (along with many multiple-process works) are all represented in this show. Each image is often one of a kind due to the nature of working with these non-commercial processes—mixing emulsions, coating materials by hand, and hand-embellishing prints are all customary to alternative process work. The images are made using a variety of unique materials including handmade papers, fabrics, wooden panels, and even a hand-sewn dress.

The exhibition is curated from over one hundred submissions from photographers living and working throughout the United States—from Seattle, Washington visual artist Danielle Martire to Rockport, Maine photographer, and artist Sal Taylor Kydd, along with many California and San Francisco Bay Area photographers.

The 3rd Annual Alternative Process Photography Exhibition features work by: Francis Baker, Allan Barnes, Michelle Bratsafolis, Laura Brennan, Elizabeth Briel, Constance Button, Mima Cataldo, Cecile Chalouni, Robert Curl, Ellen Davis, Robert Dutruch, Rory Earnshaw, Thomas Grubba, Jane Ivory, Jacqueline La Lanne, Suzun Lamaina, Christine Lenzen, Xiaopeng Liu, Danielle Martire, Jocelyn Mathewes, Kathryn Mayo, Molly McCall, Marc Newton, Project Barbatype, Michael Puff, Laziza Rakhimova, Enrique Rosas, Linda Ruggieri, Yon Sim, Dana Spaeth, Sal Taylor Kydd, Kristen Tordella-Williams, Ecco Wang, Zening Wang, Sara Yerkes, Daren You, and Yelena Zhavoronkova.

Image: Molly McCall

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